Live-Remote is a Canada based online software support service provider, serving millions of users’ across the world. It’s been more than a decade for us in this venture and today we stand tall as proud technicians to more than 7%of the world population. It was a small vision to make the IT environment Clean and Quick which lead us to set foot into this field and now we feel satisfied on seeing the smile of our customers’ faces. Running high on the shoulders’ of our efficient and qualified technicians and professionals, we make every possible effort to ensure that the issues of the user get resolved. The process doesn’t end there itself, we promise to not let the problem bother or worry the customer in near future. Live-Remote offers services such as:

  • - PC Optimization.
  • - Software Assistance and Issue Elimination
  • - Installation and Setup of PC’s of all brands and models.
  • - Diagnose and Repair of System and Network.
  • - Scanning the computer for all Virus and Spam.
  • - Browser, Router and Wi-Fi Configuration.

Computer services have now long been serving the society, holding quite a lot of importance to their name, in the user’s life. Be it a big MNC or a small end business, usage of the computer may vary in scale but definitely not in importance, they engage the whole of the working, somewhat playing the role of a spinal-cord in the life of the user or the business. Helpful and learned technicians are the most important aspects of a good PC Software Support Provider and Live-Remote boasts of having the best among the lots.

Live-Remote Remote is 24x7 Software Support Organization which values the time and work of the user. Our service having the best services in town, making sure that within minutes of getting connected the user is free from the bother of any problem which existed. The professionals understand and analyze enough to listen to your problem and find the most suitable remedy to it, at the most affordable rates. Live-Remote is a ground-breaking service provider, which has long been serving the society in order to help develop a better and safer world for the computers users’ all over. The variety of services which are offered, are comprehensive in nature and worth the hard-earned money of the users’.

86525258There are a host of organizations purporting to be the very best in the software tools and program support arena so why pick us over the rest?

» Experience: Each skilled professional hired by live-remote has vast experience and education and between our team, there is no networking glitch they have yet to face and fix. Imagine having one of the world’s best specialists in hand 24/7 to resolve your problems emerging due to inconsistency in software update and application failures. With live-remote, this is precisely the service you receive.