Antivirus seems to be the ultimate solution to every Virus or Trojan that we assume to have hit the performance of our computer. It is in fact the very first step toward creating a worm-free IT environment. Now it is very necessary that the anti-virus that you chose is compatible to your computer as well as strong enough to combat the attacks the system or network is facing. Live-Remote is a software firm which along with its team of experienced and certified engineers has been solving tech issues over the years. Our expertise lies in the anti-virus support that we offer to our clients and users’.

What we offer

136802193Ever since the evolution of computers there has been a simultaneous development of viruses too. It is very necessary that we find a way out as delay may lead to the system or network succumbing to the virus attacks. It is most advisable to take professional help in order to attain most suitable remedy. We provide with:

»Counter-attack on the viruses and worms.

» Shielding your computer against malicious malware and hackers.

»Shielding your computer against malicious content, if any.

» Remote tech support to help you Install and Set-up Antivirus software.

» Support to established brands in the market- MacAfee, Norton, and AVG etc.

Security First

The most important step while combatting viruses is to not let them sustain long, this will limit their impact on the computer. Our technicians will render the best support services making sure that much of your data is not lost or hampered, and even if it has, we will try our level best to retrieve your lost files and folders. Our team can help you connect to the Internet and help you scan for viruses within your system and network.

Our value added service include:

97613110» Installation & Setup of Antivirus software.

» Resolution of the existing Driver issues.

» Optimization and Up gradation of PC’s.

» Windows upgrade

» Ensuring comprehensive system performance.