Computers happen to be every individual’s hands on device, life without them seems a bit incomplete in today’s age. Once we face issues with them it makes us restless and paranoid, as we feel devoid of our right. It is quite obvious to feel that way, but it is also necessary to figure out how to get out of such a situation. Live-Remote is the one, which will lend you a helping hand. Our technicians assist you via remote access to counter al your computer issues and reservations.

Computer Repair Service Features

152415014 » Diagnose & Repair of Pc’s.

» Scan and check of Software and Drivers.

» Store and Back-up of misplaced and lost Data

» Fixing the computer of all damage and imparity.

» Compatible software and drivers to be enabled

Computer Support that we do for you

» Installation Support for Pc’s.

» Tech support for Troubleshooting

» Computer Setup and Repair.

» Diagnose & Repair of Pc’s.

» System and Network Configuration.

» Computer Configuration Issues