The Internet may be one of the greatest technological innovations in history. Thousands of years worth of information chronicling our civilization is contained within the Internet which seems to have data on just about everything! It also helps people connect from thousands of miles away and has ensured that it really is a ‘small world’.

However, the Internet comes with strings attached, most notably, the issues that can arise when it comes to attaining a secure connection. If you conduct your Internet business on an unsecured connection, your data and personal information is at risk. It is also not unusual for an individual or company to develop problems when it comes to connecting to the Internet. At Live Remote, we offer a wide range of Internet connection and troubleshooting services including:

stk309066rkn» Creation of Home Network either at home or at the office

» Establishing a wireless network

» Sharing a connection between two or more computers, essential for businesses

» Live resolution of errors in Internet connection

» Diagnosis and repair of various issues such as problems with IP address, DNS Server, Default Gateway and Subnet Mask

» Router and modem configuration

» Solving of Bluetooth issues

» Speed up network connection

» Delete web browser history

» Restrict access to selected websites

As soon as you take this step, we will get a technician to connect remotely to your computer and begin work on the internet issues that are causing you stress. This is an exciting process as you get to see experts at work and gain a greater understanding of how we operate. Depending on the errors discovered, you could be up and running within minutes of making the call. It really is as quick and easy as that! Don’t allow frustration to get the better of you, contact us now and see immediate results.