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»We are available 24x7, 365 days a year

»Back up Router Supports, contacts and calendars

»Configure Router Support client with Router Support mail, etc

»Customize your Router Support settings according to your needs

»Ensure total protection from spam and malicious malware

»Support for Router Support Messenger

Maximize Internet Usage

Router’s are an expensive device, hence it’s not possible to replace an impaired router, moreover it’s not even required. Live-Remote is a tech service provider which specializes in resolving Router issues. Our technicians are well equipped with State of the Art Technology to cater to all the requirements of the customers. We provide such a service that the users need not bother about router any further, our updates and regular checks keep trouble at bay.
if you are facing slow speed issues, no-signal issues, no connections messages are popping up then live-Remote is your best option in such cases. We not only resolve existing problems, our work is such that via remote access the technician will equip the user to tackle such issues on their own, if they occur again, possibilities of which are very low.
Using a Router makes it mandatory to have proper and adequate security precautions.
In this age where Cyber-Theft and Cyber-Crime is so common it is advisable to better take prevention beforehand.
You need not worry on such clauses, as once with Live-Remote, such worries shouldn’t exist.